Les Excavations Super inc.

Building on Experience Since 1976

We are general contractors. Our team specializes in private and public civil engineering work in the metropolitan area of Montreal and surrounding municipalities.

Our mission is to undertake construction, excavation and demolition projects to the most rigorous quality control standards, while bringing that very same respect and diligence towards our clients’ budgets and delivery dates.

Cutting-edge Equipment and Technology

Les Excavations Super inc. uses the latest, most advanced equipment to achieve optimal deployment of the company’s specialized manpower resources. In addition, we utilize leading-edge computer technology to manage and monitor every project.

A Montreal Staple

For a quarter of a century, through our involvement in a broad diversity of high-quality projects, Les Excavations Super inc. has helped Montreal take its rightful place on the international map as a dynamic, modern metropolis.

Les Excavations Super Inc. has been building on experience since 1976.

Les Excavations Super Inc. is a family-owned operation. We consider all of our team members as family, and many have been working with us for over 20 years.

Our team strives to provide top quality excavation and construction services, with outstanding customer service. We value our customers the way we would expect to be treated, so you will always walk away satisfied with our professionalism, work quality and work ethic.

Les Excavations Super Inc. has the experience and equipment to take on all types of commercial excavation and construction services. From road maintenance work to major excavations including municipal infrastructures, each project is assigned to a team of specialists who work in close collaboration with the client.  In the event of any complications, the assigned team ensures that effective and inexpensive solutions are quickly found.